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Best Ways to Beat Back Pain In Bed

Back pain can interrupt sleep. To those who don’t experience it as a chronic condition, that may not sound like a major problem. However, sleeping issues don’t just make us tired. Lack of sleep increases the hormone that causes hunger, weakens the immune system, and can even cause premature aging. The following tips can help you alleviate your pain so that sleep is more consistent:

  • Evening bath: Taking a bath or shower soothes sore muscles. Make sure the water is warm, and knead any tight tissues, focusing on your upper body.
  • Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to release muscle tension. Stretching is especially crucial for those with fitness routines that incorporates strenuous cardiovascular exercise (running, biking, swimming, etc.). Pregnant women typically develop lower back pain too, and there are specific yoga routines developed for expectant mothers.
  • Roll onto your back: If you sleep on your side or face-down on the bed, you are more liable to end up with back or neck pain. Spinal compression results from sleeping on your stomach, and the back generally twists out of alignment when a person sleeps on her side. Keep your back straight all night by lying with your back on the bed and a pillow supporting the knees. Alternately, you can sleep on your side with a pillow separating the knees.
  • Keep the mattress fresh: Some mattresses have pillow toppers, but if that’s not the case with yours, flip it over. If you do have a pillow topper, reverse it. These techniques will make the mattress more capable of protecting you from lower back pain. When your mattress weakens, invest in a firm version, and don’t skimp: remember that you will spend about a third of every 24 hours on it.
  • Get into shape: If you are overweight, your body may be giving your back undue strain. Staying fit and paying attention to nutrition will alleviate back and neck pain, generally loosening the fibers of your body.
  • Focus on your core: Beyond losing weight, get the muscles in your abdomen and back as strong as possible. Discrepancies between the strength of one muscle group and another lead to back pain: be thorough.

Back pain is complex and impacts many aspects of life, so finding a medical practice with the expertise you need is crucial. Wellness Plus Clinic utilizes a broad array of modalities – injections, chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, etc. – to optimize your recovery. Call us today.



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