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Holiday Weight Loss Tips

The Holidays are a time of celebration. Unfortunately, as many of us know, the end of the year is not always relaxing, making it more difficult for us to appreciate our time with loved ones. Sticking to your plans for weight loss is one source of stress from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally can provide the tools you need to stay calm and succeed.

First and foremost, maintaining your calorie and nutrition strategy is not about absolutes. Attempting to maintain a firm consumption regimen during a time filled with treats can lead to chronic overeating. The nutrition journal Appetite published research confirming that idea: wiggle room in a diet makes long-term goals more reachable. The key is to view treats as acceptable, not opportunities to give in completely to food cravings. The following specific ideas can help:

  1. Never go hungry – One tactic often used by those in weight loss programs is to avoid meals throughout the day, preparing for large dinners. However, arriving hungry at a party can mean choosing the wrong, fattiest food options. You don’t need a huge lunch, just something. Focus on fiber and protein: a non-cream soup or garden salad combined with a half-sandwich on whole-wheat bread.
  2. Keep your mouth busy – Chewing-gum can be your best friend in the kitchen to avoid tasting too much of what you prepare. A Louisiana State University study found that gum-chewers are unlikely to overeat. Another study found that mint flavors calm hunger pangs, reducing the size of portions consumed.
  3. Eat slowly and choose wisely – It’s not a good idea to try avoiding the foods you love, but you also don’t want some of everything if weight loss is your top priority. First, consider your options carefully. Make three choices, and only put those items on your plate. Whatever you do, don’t hurry: it can take 15 minutes or more for your stomach to inform your brain that it’s satisfied.
  4. Opt for small spoonfuls – A simple strategy you can use both to maximize the nutrition you get out of food and minimize unnecessary calories is to take small bites. It should never be difficult to get a bite of food into your mouth. A good rule of thumb is that you only want to use half of the spoon or fork.


During the holidays, it become particularly difficult to maintain weight loss programs. Turning the above advice into habits, though, can mean all of 2014 will be easier for you. For additional help, Wellness Plus Clinic can partner with you, making weight loss a team effort.





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