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Housework and Weight-loss: Does keeping active at home keep you trim?

When seeking to lose weight, it’s always nice to find helpful DIY weight-loss solutions. Clearly it’s not as easy as we would like to put exercise such as running or going to the gym into our daily schedules. Instead, a study has found, we can actually reduce our weight while doing household chores.

Recent research covered in The New York Times (1) reveals that performing simple household tasks, such as sweeping the floor or washing clothes, can serve as an effective method of weight loss. This study tracked a similar course to another one published in 2011 that focused primarily on the reduction of physical activity among men. This new one specifically targeted women and the reduction in homemaking “exercises” compared to a half-century ago.
This new research certainly does not imply that women should participate in household cleanup activities more than men, but it does provide a sense of how women’s daily lives have changed.

DIY weight loss: original study vs. current study

Both pieces of research were published in PLoS One, a journal of the nonprofit Public Library of Science (2). The first article looked at information collected by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. It found that over the last five decades, our occupations have become more sedentary. Rather than moving from place to place and being physically active on the job, we now tend to sit at desks. This change in the workplace has contributed to the obesity epidemic.
The earlier study primarily related to men because it was essentially reviewing daily activity in the mid-60s versus today. In the mid-60s, more than 50% of women did not have jobs in the outside work world, so comparing work environments then versus now was less relevant regarding females and exercise.

The new study (3), using data from the American Heritage Time Use Study, focused specifically on women’s use of time in the home – how the activities have changed over the decades. The American Heritage resource is essentially logs by individual women of how home time is spent. It extends from 1965 through 2010. Since the mid-60s, women have cut the time in half they used to spend on physical home labor, from 26 to 13 hours a week.

Solutions for weight loss

It’s interesting to see how times have changed, and it’s helpful to understand why. Unfortunately, we still not may not be able to incorporate exercise (including chores) into our daily lives to the extent that we want to. For that reason, weight loss programs must be more sophisticated. That’s why Wellness Plus Clinic offers a full spectrum of natural and medical weight loss options for our patients. Fill out our Request Form now for a free consultation.





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