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How can Lipo Laser Trim Belly Fat without Surgery? Does Lipo Laser Really Work?

Liposuction was invented in Italy in 1974. It quickly became a fast and effective way to achieve weight loss by removing fatty deposits from the body. The procedure was for targeted areas of the body of individuals who had not had success getting rid of the fat with diet and exercise.

The major downside of liposuction is that it involves general anesthesia and extensive recovery times due to its invasive nature. Advances in the procedures and technology of medical aesthetics are allowing cosmetic physicians to turn from the scalpel to the laser, achieving the same results with minimally invasive techniques. The non-surgical lipo laser treatments available are widely used and trusted by the medical community.

Non-surgical lipo laser: what is it?

Although laser lipo is often called laser liposuction because people have grown used to the term liposuction, it actually has a different name and completely different process from liposuction. Laser lipo is short for a treatment called laser lipolysis that was approved by the US FDA in 2006. Rather than simply removing fat from the body, laser lipo melts the fat with a laser.

In addition to its ability to achieve weight loss, laser lipolysis also causes the body to create additional collagen. Collagen is a structural protein that makes up about one- third of the protein cells of the human body in youth. As we age, our collagen stores decrease, resulting in skin that looks less firm and healthy.

Lipo laser reviews

Medical aestheticians are not the only ones pleased with the effectiveness of laser lipolysis. Online reviews of the lipo laser modality are generally favorable: 

  • Gloria D. comments on LipoAdvisor that she received eight treatments to remove unwanted fat from her belly and hips. She notes that she was “quite impressed” by the results. Specifically, she lost 2 ½ inches of her belly measurement and 1 inch of her waist measurement. She does recommend not to forgo a regular exercise routine if you want an optimal outcome.
  • The user London Town on says that she experienced a 2 inch improvement in her stomach measurement. She also generally notes that the way her “clothes hang” is substantially improved.

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