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How does hCG Weight Loss really work?

 hgc injections atlantaYou may have heard of hCG injections, utilizing human Chorionic Gonadotropin, as an easy and fast way to lose weight. Obviously, any time we hear about something new and different that is rumored to have amazing results, we tend to be a little skeptical. Also, because this type of treatment has been embraced by many naturopathic doctors (NDs)(1), it's no surprise that some of the larger conventional Western medicine (allopathic/osteopathic) outfits (Mayo Clinic, WebMD) are not completely on board with this technique.

The truth is, hCG is popular because it is extremely effective for weight loss. Let's look at what this dieting strategy can potentially do for you. We will look at the weight loss industry and some of the basics of hCG history.
Be aware that this strategy is an acute solution; exercise and a balanced diet allow you to sustain weight loss for life. Also, it is extremely valuable to team with the best medical weight loss clinic Atlanta offers to monitor your health and ensure safety.

The Science of Weight Loss: No Zigzagging

It goes without saying that obesity is an epidemic in our country and that weight loss generally is an obsession. Sadly, a lot of companies out there have been able to take advantage of those wanting to lose excess body fat. Here are the basic stats on the dieting industry(2):
  • Annual Revenue – $20 billion
  • Dieting Population – 108 million
  • Gender Disparity – 85% women
…You’re not alone.
Let's be honest: so-called “rollercoaster dieting” or "zigzag dieting" works in the favor of companies that want everyone to be on perpetual diets. Effective strategies are often targeted as “controversial." Here is a quick history of hCG injections(3):
  • Over 30 years ago, A.T.W. Simeons, British endocrinologist, sought obesity cure
    • Pinpointed diencephalon (thalamus/hypothalamus) within brain as source
    • Believed nutritional deficiency in diencephalon yielded excess fat
  • Studied pregnant Indian women and obese Indian boys
    • Found that the pregnant women, though thin, delivered healthy babies; also noticed their high levels of hCG(4)
  • Findings: Administered hCG treatments to the obese boys with fantastic results.

Weight-Loss Specialists You Can Trust

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