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How Living Healthy Keeps You Younger

We all know that maintaining high-quality nutrition and eliminating excess body weight are crucial to good health. However, the extent to which lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, have an effect on the aging process is remarkable. The relationship between healthy habits and longevity is the topic of a new study published just last month (1).

The study was conducted by a group of scientists from UC-San Francisco. The researchers found significant evidence that elements of the human body called telomeres become longer when certain lifestyle adaptations occur. Telomeres protect chromosomes that determine how quickly a person ages, so longer telomeres lead to a longer life. In other words, changing daily activities is a powerful anti-aging effort.

Weight Loss & Other Techniques: Disease Prevention

To further understand the relationship between telomeres and chromosomes, telomeres are structures made up of proteins. They are located at the tips of the chromosomes. When telomeres deteriorate or become shorter, the chromosomes suffer as well. As chromosome cells are killed, the body is signaled to move further in the direction of death. Clearly, anything that prevents chromosome damage has anti-aging capabilities.

Our biological age does not always align with the date on our birth certificate. The actual age of a person is better indicated by looking at telomere length than by looking at a birthdate, say the scientists. If the telomeres are short, vulnerability increases to conditions typically associated with old age. Examples are cancer and heart disease.

Weight Loss & Other Techniques: Lifestyle Changes

The particularly exciting part of this study is that telomere length and the rate at which it changes is not set in stone. In fact, over the course of 5 years, one group of study subjects – all men in the early stages of prostate cancer – were able to make their telomeres approximately 10% longer. Meanwhile, a control group saw their telomeres shrink to 3% of their original length.
The group that saw growth in their telomeres did the following to create a stronger anti-aging environment in their bodies:

  • Diet and nutrition regimen based on plants and whole foods
  • Regular physical exercise
  • Yoga, meditation, and other stress-reduction practices
  • Focus on interaction, communication, and connection with others.

Weight Loss: More Than Looking Your Best

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