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How to get the most out of your Botox injections: 5 best filler spots for a youthful, natural look

botox-fillerBotox is beloved worldwide, as are a wide variety of other fillers and injectables. Using a treatment such as Botox allows those who want to reverse the signs of aging a simple, nonsurgical technique to reduce wrinkles and creases in the face. Many wonder, though, what the best places on the face are to target. It’s wise to have a sense of this before visiting a clinic for Botox or filler treatments.
Here are five prime sites for injections (1):
  1. Lips – Be careful with the lips. Often people who seek Botox or other filler treatments go too far with this part of the body. You want to make sure that you make improvements but stop before the enhancements start to look clearly artificial. Simulating natural beauty is a fine and careful art.
  2. Parentheses – You don’t want your mouth to look like it is parenthesized by strong creases on either side. Filling them in with Botox allows you an affordable, age-defying way to remove those curved punctuation marks.
  3. Cheek hollows – One downside of having a thin or athletic build is that your cheeks can start to “cave in” as you get older. There are two ways to counteract it: gaining some weight or getting injections. For obvious reasons, the latter technique is usually preferred. Note that Botox injections will plump your face initially, before some of the compound dissolves.
  4. Cheekbones – The muscle and fat that surrounds the cheekbones will droop as we get older. The effect of that aging process is that the face looks less rounded and develops a harsher, more rigid frame. To regain your face’s youthful shape, try Botox or other injectables in that area.
  5. Tear trough – Another crease with a particularly cute name, the tear trough runs from a point between the inside of the eye and the nose toward the ear. If you look in the mirror, you should see that it may be strong enough to actually catch tears, as its name suggests. Subtle Botox injections to this sites will decrease its prominence.


It is crucial with Botox injections to visit a high-quality medical practice so that your treatments are safe and effective. The same goes for any cosmetic procedure: expertise and experience are crucial to reverse the signs of aging subtly and carefully. Wellness Plus Clinic is your partner for optimal medical aesthetics. Fill out our quick form for a free consultation.
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