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How to Keep Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

As we begin the New Year, weight loss is on many Americans’ minds: all the high-calorie holiday events are behind us, and we can focus on our fitness goals. The challenge is that it’s easy to make New Year’s resolutions, but it’s much more difficult to stick with our plans long-term. In fact, a nationally renowned psychology expert, Scranton University’s John Norcross, believes that only half of us maintain our resolutions past the two-week mark.

Most of us have aspects about our lives that we don’t like and have the capacity to change: 2 out of every 5 Americans make New Year’s resolutions, after all. This year, Norcross offers advice for success with our weight loss targets.

New Year Weight Loss – Strategies for Success

  1. Take a broad view of your behavior – Make sure you combine your New Year’s resolution with a different day-to-day approach. Often we want to “white-knuckle” change, but it’s much easier to adjust our routines and environments.
  2. Use the SMART technique – A business management mnemonic devised by Peter Drucker and George T. Doran, SMART is also applicable to weight loss, according to Norcross. In fitness as in business, your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-specific. Groom and define the resolution to generate identifiable guideposts for your journey.
  3. Create a log – New year weight loss is much more easily achieved with an organized method to chart your development. You can use tools – such as a calendar or smart phone scheduling application – or simply create your own system by hand. Make notes as you go, and don’t give up if you have a setback. Rather, review the log, determine what factors might have led you astray, and modify your plan.
  4. Give yourself prizes – Whatever you do, don’t treat weight loss as a long road with one far-away intention. If you reward yourself each time you get another step of the way toward the finish line, you’re much more likely to keep going. To many, an ice cream sundae sounds like a great prize, but your reward doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Consider a small celebration with family or friends.


Beyond the above tactics, you also may find that getting help from others is incredibly powerful. Let your loved ones know about your goal: their support can bolster your efforts. Many people also benefit from professional guidance, such as a free consultation from Wellness Plus Clinic for hCG, medical, and natural weight loss programs.



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