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Lipo Laser Weight Loss: How Does it Work

The age of the “tummy tuck” may be drawing to a close as a new procedure replaces it: laser lipo (an abbreviation of laser lipolysis, although it’s also sometimes casually called laser liposuction). The use of a laser to remove fat from the body is popular for two main reasons:

  1. It’s a minimally invasive procedure, which means that it is safer and does not have the drawback of post-surgical downtime.
  2. It causes contraction in the collagen. When that happens, the skin naturally tightens. The tightening means that the patient receiving the treatment does not have to worry about excess skin (a typical problem with tummy tucks and other rapid weight loss solutions).
  3. It also generates collagen growth, which greatly assists with skin health.


Let’s look at how these procedures work so you can decide if lipo laser might make sense for you.

What’s involved with a lipo laser treatment

Laser lipo (or the reverse) uses fiber-optic lasers to melt fat within the body. The procedure can be compared to liposuction because it seeks to achieve similar ends. However, liposuction actually uses a device to pull fat out of the body.

The lipo laser is designed to beam into the skin just far enough (9 mm for the ones we use) to access the fat cells. Pores form on them, and a number of substances then are “freed”: glycerol, fatty acids, and water. When this process takes place, the surrounding area of the body (such as the skin and nerves) is not impacted. Finally, the lymphatic system takes the fat away to be metabolized.

One concern for those with darker pigmentation is hypopigmentation, in which the color of the skin can be negatively affected by laser treatments. However, high-quality laser liposuction equipment can be adjusted so that damage doesn’t occur, regardless of skin tone. Part of the reason that’s the case is because the treatment is fast: 10 minutes.

New study suggests laser lipo is powerful

A study presented at a meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology earlier this year clearly demonstrated how safe and effective the procedure is. The study assessed the records of almost 2200 patients, monitoring physical characteristics and conducting interviews before and after treatments. The results showed that the lipo laser technique works as intended, with minimal chances of side effects (such as bruising).

Weight loss is an important topic for many Americans. At Wellness Plus Clinic, we can help you with a variety of solutions, including lipo laser treatments with our Strawberry machines. Get a free consultation today.



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