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Simple Tips to help prevent lower back pain: Posture, posture, posture

In Atlanta, back pain is all too common. Posture is often the culprit that leads to LBP (lower back pain). Fortunately there are spine strengthening techniques that can be used to get us back on track. Spinal surgeon and author Dr. Kenneth Hansraj outlined a step-by-step plan to help correct spinal problems for CNN (1), and I will go over a few of his basic guidelines below. Before we get into the doctor's orders, let's review a few general notes he provides related to prevalence and negative physical effects.

Lower Back Pain Doctor's Notes

  • 1. 80% of battle with spine issues at some point (2).
  • 2. This health challenge may start to take hold in people as young as 29 (3).
  • 3. Since the spine essentially serves as an intermediary between the brain and the peripheral nervous system, if it is not working properly, the whole nervous system is impacted.
  • 4. Symptoms associated with a spine that is out of whack are (well, of course) back pain; numbness and weakness in the extremities; problems with the respiratory and digestive systems; and (typically along with aging) bladder and bowel issues.

Seven Quick Tips to Fix Your Spine

  • Of course spinal problems are best alleviated through the guidance of a licensed pain management practice, especially when the facility is using a multidisciplinary approach. However, here are three corrective tactics you can use on your own:
  • 1. Posture, posture, posture – Whatever you do, don't slouch. In fact, with smart phones, slouching is becoming more common (4). You want your ears brought back even with your shoulders, with your shoulder blades pulled back to rest on your back (rather than "rounded" forward). Slouching may be a contributing factor to depression, migraines, breathing problems, weight issues, etc (5).
  • 2. Breathe from your diaphragm – Back pain relief can be achieved, believe it or not, by adjusting your breathing process. According to Dr. Andrew Weil (a Harvard M.D. and natural health expert) when he was on The Colbert Report, most of us do not know how to breathe, which causes problems throughout the body. You should feel the inhale and exhale in your belly (6).
  • 3. Try simple exercises, a recommendation from the American College of Sports Medicine for improving back and spine health. Ten minutes a day will suffice. Start with stretches and move into using light weights. Push-ups work also (7).

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