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Vitamin B Reduces the Risk of Stroke

vitaminb12-for-energyOne of the options for weight loss offered by physicians in many medical practices is vitamin B injections. In a previous article for this blog, we explored why vitamin B is effective at reducing weight. Essentially, high levels of the various B vitamins (which comprise 8 of the 13 vitamins critical to maintenance of human health) increase energy, enhance metabolism, and generally allow the body to operate more efficiently.

Vitamin B, though, is not just helpful at losing weight. Rather, with it comes manifold additional benefits, including healthier nerves, red blood cells, and thyroid functionality. By creating a stronger body, vitamin B can help prevent diseases too, as we are reminded by a recent study gauging the vitamin’s capacity for stroke prevention (1).

Does vitamin B reduce risk of heart attack and stroke?

The study, based on research from China’s Zhengzhou University and published in the journal Neurology, reviewed over a dozen trials that looked at the relationships between vitamin B and stroke. In all, more than 54,000 subjects were included in the research, with 50% given vitamin B and 50% not. Monitored for half a year, the total subject pool suffered just under 2500 strokes – with 7% less occurrence in the vitamin B group.

According to the scientists behind the study, it provides more solid grounding than previous research as to whether vitamin B supplementation can reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. Previous published studies were inconsistent in their results, and this one should be seminal just based on its grand scope of over 50,000 patients.

Importance of vitamin B stroke study & B12 findings

We all want to be healthy and prevent our chances of getting diseases, but establishing defenses against stroke is especially crucial. Stroke is a major killer, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) citing it as the #1 reason for loss of life in the US: more than 120,000 American citizens die from strokes annually.

A side note of the study was the specific effect of B12 supplementation: on its own, B12 does not reduce the risk of stroke. This finding was not all that surprising, because the various B complex vitamins tend to work in concert with each other.

Vitamin B for weight loss & disease prevention

There are many different ways to lose weight. However, weight loss via vitamin B injections uniquely provides stroke-prevention benefits as well. Wellness Plus Clinic offers vitamin B as part of its comprehensive weight loss clinic. Complete a Request Form Now: initial consultations are free, and weight loss plans are customized to best suit your preferences and goals.






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