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What is B12 for weight loss? / Do B12 supplements work?

One of our primary areas of focus at Wellness Plus Clinic is medical weight loss, and we are experts on weight loss supplements. The core component of our programs is either hCG treatment or a naturalistic approach – your choice. Either way, you are supervised throughout by a medical professional; administered pre-screening for food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances; and given FDA-approved medication alongside two shots of vitamin B12.

Why is such a simple, common vitamin used to achieve a reduction in weight? How common is B12 deficiency, and why does it occur? Let's find out below. It's also worth noting, as a bonus, that B12 is one of the most effective anti-aging supplements.

Weight Loss with B12: Treating Vitamin Deficiency

First of all, much of what B12 injections are performing is making up for a deficiency in the patient's body. You may think you have all the vitamins and minerals you need, but as many as 80% or more of the population may be deficient in this vitamin (1). Many doctors do not think that B12 deficiency is a likely reason for medical disorders, partially because blood tests often include the human-inactive version of the vitamin, falsely boosting levels. As it sounds, human-inactive B12 is virtually useless to your body.

The reason B12 deficiency is so common – and why B12 injections can help – is because you can't just eat meat and solve the problem. Rather, many people can't access the vitamin, because their small intestines don't have enough of a protein that derives B12 from the food they eat. Without the protein, the B12 never enters the bloodstream. If it doesn't make its way into the bloodstream, eating it is useless. That's why B12 weight loss supplements are injected.


Why & How B12 Works

Vitamin B12 boosts metabolism and increases energy in cases of vitamin deficiency. As established above, deficiency is extraordinarily common. If you feel lethargic or tired all the time, like you always need to rest, B12 injections may be right for you (2).

Essentially, if you are not getting enough of the vitamin, your cells are not getting enough oxygen. When injected, B12 bypasses the digestive system (as described above) and enters the muscle, where it quickly transitions into the bloodstream.

At Wellness Plus Clinic, we believe in B12 injections as a key part of a comprehensive weight loss plan. Best of all, it's one of the most common anti-aging supplements as well. Call us today for a free consultation, to find out if one of our two weight loss approaches is right for you.





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