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PRP (Vampire) Facelift


(reg. $1299 for procedure)

PRP Facelift Treatment is total natural tissue regeneration based
on using your own stem cells & grow factors from platelets.

The procedure has been performed for over 20 years with
a great success in skin & scars regeneration.

What is WELLNESS+ PRP Facelift Treatment?

WELLNESS+ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment is an all-natural and safe procedure that aims to rejuvenate skin and make the skin around the face tighter and younger looking. The procedure works by taking a person’s own blood and extracting platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), which is injected back into specific areas on the face in order to stimulate regeneration. The body then works naturally to restore the health and appearance of these areas.

This procedure differs from other treatments such as Restylane or Juvederm because it utilizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Areas treated with PRP Treatment trick the body into healing itself as if it was a wound. This results in increased blood flow, improved color, and a restoration of shape. There is actual new tissue growth stimulated by the PRP treatment. There are no risks of allergic reaction because everything used in the treatment comes from the patient’s own body. You should see improvements immediately after the procedure, however long term change will begin to take effect within 2-4 weeks, with continued improvement for 12 weeks.

Why should I choose WELLNESS+ PRP Facelift Treatment over a traditional facelift?

Traditional facelifts are surgical procedures that are very invasive. Surgical facelifts are only for situations where extensive facial correction is required. They typically have a long recovery period which can last up to 10 weeks. PRP Facelift Treatment on the other hand is very noninvasive and only involves several injections in to the treatment areas. The recovery time for PRP Facelift Treatment is virtually nonexistent and you can go about your normal life as soon as you leave our clinic. There is also no scars or marks other than possible temporary bruising that can occur, unlike in a traditional surgical facelift. The procedure usually takes less than an hour and is done completely inside our clinic.

Who is eligible for the WELLNESS+ PRP Facelift Treatment?

Just about anyone is eligible for PRP Facelift Treatment. The procedure works for any age group and is especially helpful for older people because traditional facelift surgeries take a long time to heal especially in older people.

What are the risk associated with PRP injections?

What are the risk associated with PRP injections?

PRP Facelift Treatment is a relatively new procedure whose long term effects are still being studied. The main concerns are:

Bruising – Injection areas may bruise.

Irritation – Depending on skin sensitivity, mild itching or irritation may occur.

Swelling – Injection sites might experience mild swelling.

There is much less risk of any allergic reaction compared to a traditional facelift because everything involved in the process comes from the patient’s own body. Traditional facelifts inject “filler” into the face which in some cases evokes an allergic reaction.

Is there any pain involved?

Typically a numbing cream is applied to dull any pain in the treatment sites. Tylenol or other pain medication may be used. Anti-anxiety medication may be prescribed prior to the procedure if requested.



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