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Introductory Chiropractic Adjustment
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Chiropractic treatments focus on the alignment of muscles and bones of the body, particularly the spine. Chiropractic modalities are based on correcting poor alignments through manipulations of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Wellness Plus Clinic's Atlanta chiropractors are specialist in balancing and optimizing the body’s ability to heal itself. More importantly treating the problems associated with the nervous system and the spine.

Chiropractic is effective in treating:
  • Back Pain - Upper, Lower and Middle Back
  • Neck Pain - Stiff neck, whiplash, cervical injury, pinched nerve
  • Sciatica - Acute pain in lower back, shooting pain down legs and radiating hip pain
  • Spinal Stenosis - Numbness, weakness and other health issues
  • Degenerative Disc (Bulging or Slipped) - Acute back and neck pain
  • Headaches and Migraines - Chronic migraine and headaches, cluster headaches and tension headaches
  • Pinched Nerves - Acute pain in and around the spine, can radiate to extremities
  • Joint Pain and Dysfunction - Throbbing joints, sharp shooting pains, and muscle spasms
Our Chiropractic doctors play a major role in the rehabilitation and pain management treatment programs offered at Wellness Plus Clinics. They work with our medical doctors to help enhance the treatment outcomes while limiting the need for drugs and invasive medical procedures. We’ve found a balance between conventional medical treatments and integrating the physical medicine of chiropractic to enhance the treatment programs offered by our Atlanta Wellness Plus Clinics.

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  • Full Spine - Full spine adjustments address misalignments or subluxations in your spine. We aim to correct all points of interference to relieve back pain and pressure on surrounding nerves.
  • Extremity manipulation - Focuses on the range of motion and efficiency of motion in the joints of your hands, arms, legs and hips.  This is effective for treating bursitis, carpal tunnel, Osgood-Schlatter Disease, arthritis, and common tendonitis.
  • Active release - Muscular and soft tissue treatment that increases the mobility of the muscles.  By putting calculated tension on the muscle then releasing it, the hardened tissue is released to move freely.  Active Release Technique is effective at treating small tears (micro-trauma), pulled muscles, and ligament injuries.
  • Sacro-occipital (SOT) - Elaborate analysis of the musculoskeletal system by way of identifying nervous system imbalances in the spine with focused pressure at the base of the skull.  The nervous systems response from this technique reveals the source of the pain and imbalance.
  • Thompson (Drop) - Utilizes a segmental table to enhance the motion to the area being adjusted.  That table segment is then dropped utilizing the body’s natural movement to correct spinal imbalance.
  • Upper cervical - Focused adjustments on the neck.  By using x-ray imaging as a reference the adjustment is customized to address the subluxation (pinched nerve) in the upper cervical area.
  • CBP - The focus of this adjustment technique is on spinal alignment and posture.  By using physical therapy, spinal adjustments, and other techniques CBP rehabilitates the spine, and restores proper posture.
  • Flexion/Distraction - Primarily used for disc related conditions. Slow and gentle pulls release the pressure on the spine and allow the disc to re-shape.  The surrounding nerves are relaxed and pain is reduced.  This therapy is effective at eliminating the need for invasive back surgery, and is recommended as a weekly therapy until disc protrusion is reduced.
  • Activator - The activator is a small hand held spring action device that delivers a measured impulse to the spine.  The size of contact pad is small and provides accuracy to make minor spinal adjustments to specific vertebrae.  The Activator technique is effective for patients of all ages, and can be especially helpful to restless children. Older patients with bone-weakening conditions also find this gentle technique very effective.

Does Chiropractic Work

Chiropractic treatment is rapidly being recognized as one of the best non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, hip pain, headaches and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Chiropractic treatment is amongst the safest drug-free treatments available to patients although no health treatment is completely free of potential adverse effects; chiropractic treatment has an excellent safety record. Many patients feel instant pain relief following chiropractic treatment, yet some may experience mild soreness, stiffness or aching, just as they do after some forms of exercise.
An evolving list of research studies and reviews demonstrate that the services provided by chiropractic physicians are both safe and effective. Below are excerpts from a few of the more recent studies. The evidence strongly supports the natural, whole-body and cost-effective approach of chiropractic care for a variety of conditions.

“Many treatments are available for low back pain. Often exercises and physical therapy can help. Some people benefit from chiropractic therapy or acupuncture." 

--Goodman et al. (2013), Journal of the American Medical Association

“[Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy] in conjunction with [standard medical care] offers a significant advantage for decreasing pain and improving physical functioning when compared with only standard care, for men and women between 18 and 35 years of age with acute low back pain.”

-- Goertz et al. (2013), Spine

"In a Randomized controlled trial, 183 patients with neck pain were randomly allocated to manual therapy (spinal mobilization), physiotherapy (mainly exercise) or general practitioner care (counseling, education and drugs) in a 52-week study. The clinical outcomes measures showed that manual therapy resulted in faster recovery than physiotherapy and general practitioner care. Moreover, total costs of the manual therapy-treated patients were about one-third of the costs of physiotherapy or general practitioner care."
-- Korthals-de Bos et al (2003), British Medical Journal
“Chiropractic patients were found to be more satisfied with their back care providers after four weeks of treatment than were medical patients. Results from observational studies suggested that back pain patients are more satisfied with chiropractic care than with medical care. Additionally, studies conclude that patients are more satisfied with chiropractic care than they were with physical therapy after six weeks.”
-- Hertzman-Miller et al (2002), American Journal of Public Health
Treatment for discomfort and pain in the spine, back, hips, legs or arms can be as simple as visiting a chiropractic specialist.   If you’ve been experiencing any of the following symptoms a visit to our clinic is the first step to pain relief.  Contact Wellness Plus Clinic at 404-522-5552.

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