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Innovative Treatment with Individual Approach
  • Variety of options for treatment
  • Cost Effective Custom Budget Plans
  • Integrated techniques based on Individual Assessment
  • 95% Surgery Prevented


What does our pain clinic do?

Pain Management is always a team work. A team of health care providers can help you manage your pain with a variety of strategies. The team includes a physician (a neurologist, anesthesiologist, or PM&R), physical therapists, alternative therapists (such as acupuncturists), massage therapists, and patient interviewers, who prepare you for the most efficient conversation with a doctor.

How can pain management help?

Treatment for chronic pain falls into two basic categories: Noninvasive (lifestyle modifications and diet, physical therapy, a variety of vitamins, food supplements and medications) and Invasive (injections, minor and major surgical procedures) In the vast majority of cases, pain treatment does not require surgery. Doctors will always try nonsurgical treatments before recommending surgery. What is needed, however, is a good integration and knowledge of multiple techniques

Innovative treatments that can make a difference.


Pain Relief with Individual Approach

Pain Management Center at Wellness Plus Clinic offers the most innovative and advanced treatments and therapies for symptoms of all common pain conditions including headaches, migraines, arthritis, nerve pain, and lower back pain.

Ankle Pain Fibromyalgia Phantom Pain
Arm Pain Herniated Disc pain RSD pain
Arthritis Pain Hip Pain Sciatica
Back Pain Knee Pain Shoulder Pain
Carpal tunnel pain Neck Pain Stroke Pain
Diabetic Pain Nerve Injury Pain Spastic Muscles Pain
Elbow Pain Neuropathy pain Shingles Pain
    Wrist Pain

Trust your care to one of the best


Wellness Plus Clinic specialises in helping you manage pain with non surgical treatment. Our goal is to design the most effective and the least risky treatment plan, and avoid unnecessary surgery. We take comprehensive approach to medicine that utilizes both western and eastern techniques to effectively relieve discomfort and restore the body to full function and mobility. Individual approach utilizes combination of diagnostic tests, lifestyle modifications, preventive medicine, physical therapy, therapeutic nerve blocks and joints injections, acupuncture, pilates and more.

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