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Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy

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At Wellness Plus Clinic, patients will work with our physical therapist to improve strength, flexibility, exercise endurance and functional capacity. In addition, they will be educated on proper body mechanics and pacing skills. Heat/ice, cervical and lumbar spinal traction, joint and spinal rehabilitation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound/electrotherapy, and various diagnostic tests (EMG/NCV, muscle testing, and ROM), as well as therapeutic exercises, therapeutic Pilates and manual therapy will be provided at the clinic.


One of the most important tests that our physical therapists will do is a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test, an electrical test that is used to detect signs of nerve injury. In this test, the nerve is electrically stimulated and the speed that the electrical impulse travels, is measured. This is usually done with patch electrodes that are placed on the skin over the nerve at various locations. The tester stimulates the nerve with a very mild electrical impulse. The resulting electrical activity is recorded by the electrodes. The distance between electrodes and the time it takes for electrical impulses to travel between electrodes are used to calculate the velocity of impulse transmission (nerve conduction velocity). A decreased speed of transmission indicates nerve disease. A nerve conduction velocity test is often done at the same time as an electromyogram (EMG) in order to exclude or detect muscle conditions.

Symptoms that might prompt our health care professionals to order an NCV/EMG include:
  • numbness
  • tingling
  • burning sensations

The nerve conduction velocity test can be used to detect nerve disorders (such as peripheral neuropathy and polyneuropathy) or musculoskeletal conditions whereby nerves are compromised by mechanical compression injury (such as carpal tunnel syndrome and compression neuropathy).

Our physical therapists can help you avoid painful, invasive and expensive surgery, in many instances. Research shows that physical therapy, combined with comprehensive medical management, is just as effective as surgery when it comes to relieving the pain and stiffness of moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. Pursuing an exercise program designed by a physical therapist can be one of the best protections from injury and surgery.

Wellness Plus Clinic physical therapists can help reduce and manage pain, including low back pain, which affects up to 80% of Americans during their lifetime. Physical therapy that mobilizes the spine along with specific exercises can help alleviate the pain and can have long-lasting effects.


At our clinic, our physical therapists work closely with a trained therapeutic Pilates instructor to attend to your unique therapeutic goals. With doctors and physical therapists on staff, you can be sure your therapeutic Pilates program will fit into your wellness plan and be appropriate for you despite injuries.

Some of the therapeutic Pilates’ benefits may include:

  • increases stamina
  • improves efficient movement
  • gain coordination
  • advance strength
  • acquire full range of motion
  • gain mental self-awareness
  • improve lean muscle mass
  • advance posture
  • increase physical stability & balance
  • proper breathing
  • spinal alignment


If you are at risk of heart disease, the American Heart Association encourages seeing a physical therapist for the initial treatment of pain resulting from tendinitis/bursitis, degenerative joint problems (osteoarthritis), and inflammatory joint problems (rheumatoid arthritis), rather than prescription pain medication. Physical therapists are a great alternative to medication and surgery for musculoskeletal pain. Research shows individuals who receive active physical therapy experience greater improvement in function and decreased pain intensity. No matter what part of your body hurts, a physical therapist can help you alleviate or manage pain without costly medication or other invasive methods, in many cases.

Because physical therapists receive specialized education in a variety of sciences – physics, human anatomy, kinesiology (human movement), to name a few – they understand how the body works and how to get you moving again. They know how to manage all four of the body's major systems – musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary (skin) – to restore and maximize mobility. Whether you are living with diabetes or recovering from a stroke, a fall, or a sports injury, a physical therapist is a trusted health care professional who will work closely with you to evaluate your condition and develop an effective, personalized plan of care. Wellness Plus Clinic physical therapists can help you achieve long-term results for many conditions that limit your ability to move.



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