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I have suffered for thirty years with the physical aches and pains.

I have suffered for thirty years with the physical aches and pains. I have tried every conceivable remedy offered all these years - still the pain persists. Then one day, I found Wellness Plus Clinic, and the team there makes the pain retreat or go completely away.

I have been coming to Wellness Plus Clinic for over a year. When the lower back pain is excruciating, the clinic team’s attention relieves it. When the pain is at the top of my spine, the Wellness Plus Clinic professionals focus right there and make the pain go away. When the pain is in my shoulder, and I can’t move my arm, the team directs every effort to make it well again.

An alignment helps me to make it through the week. Focused attention on areas of discomfort relieves the pain, and I am able to sleep through the night again. The Wellness Plus Clinic team also works diligently on preventive measures and offers a variety of products that provide relief when I am traveling or unable to be in their facility.

I am grateful for the help and relief that Wellness Plus Clinic has provided me. The practitioners are highly qualified, trained professionals who really do care about your wellness.

Thank you, Wellness Plus Clinic!

~ Cary Allen Stone




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